The Story Geeks with Jay Sherer

Marvel’s Doctor Strange - Your IDENTITY Matters

April 3, 2017

Arrogance, identity, and redemption--the journey of Doctor Strange.

Jay Sherer and Sam Welbaum review and discuss Scott Derrickson's film Doctor Strange. They start with a spoiler-free review, and then dig into some of the deeper themes. Questions posed by Doctor Strange, include:

  • Steven Strange is an arrogant bastard, but he’s also the best surgeon in the world. What’s the relationship between arrogance and success? What rules govern that relationship?
  • This movie has quite a bit to say about identity. What do you think the movie tells us about our identity? What can you draw out of it?
  • What rules govern this multiverse and the multiple dimensions that are referenced here?
  • “Healing through belief? I do not believe in fairytales. We are made of matter, and nothing more. There’s no such thing as spirit!” Strange says. And then he’s punched into the Astral plane and the multiverse. What do you think the relationship between the “spirit” or “soul” and the Astral Dimension?
  • “I have to surrender to control it? That doesn’t make sense!” Are we supposed to surrender, or should we work harder?
  • Doctor Strange. The Matrix. Inception. These are all fanciful films, but they draw on the perceived reality of our own experiences. How do you think all these films are related?
  • Kaecilius, The Ancient One, and Mordo all have different perspectives on “breaking the natural law.” What does it mean to “break the natural law"? Which character’s perspective do you side with? Why?
  • The Ancient One, at one point in the movie, turns to Steven Strange, and asks, “Who are you in this vast multiverse?” How would you answer that same question?


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