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We NEED the Message Behind BATMAN BEGINS Right Now - Fear, Corruption, and Justice

July 18, 2016


What is JUSTICE? The relevance of this question cannot be understated. At a time (July, 2016) when terror attacks and gun violence (police shooting African American men) are reported almost daily, we must ask ourselves what the concept of justice means. CORRUPTION vs. JUSTICE - why do they exist? How can we find justice? A major element is FEAR. We need to learn to analyze our own fears in order to combat systemic injustice and corruption.


Also: What is BATMAN's religion? Is he an atheist? An agnostic? Christian? What does he believe? We tackle that question and many more.


[SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't seen BATMAN BEGINS, please watch that first!]. Special thanks to this week's special guest, DARYL SMITH (Batman expert). If you have thoughts, please visit our blog ( and comment or send us an email at! And, as always, share this podcast with a friend!


Finally, don't miss our Star Wars fan film, RIVALS! Coming to YouTube on July 24, 2016!

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