The Story Geeks with Jay Sherer

Timeslingers - Why Writer’s Digest called it “trailblazing”

July 30, 2019

SPECIAL RELEASE! In this special edition of The Story Geeks podcast, we bring you to our TIMESLINGERS Launch Party live audience recording!

Daryl Smith and our live audience interview Jay Sherer, the co-writer (with Nathan Scheck) of TIMESLINGERS! They cover why a Writer's Digest judge considered the book "trailblazing," and how the story came about in the first place. Jay also talks about his behind-the-scenes tour of Los Alamos National Laboratories, how to find time to write, how to setup time travel as a gimmick, and then dives into some audience Q&A! The Story Geeks finally get to dig deeper into one of their own stories, TIMESLINGERS!


PURCHASE TIMESLINGERS! Jay and Nathan's time travel novel is available now in print! Kindle version available by 07/29/19, and audiobook version out by 08/05/19. Follow Timeslingers on Twitter for the latest updates!





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