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It’s deep… ALIEN: COVENANT - Great Movie Openings

July 12, 2021


We're back for Season 2 of the Impactful Writing Podcast as a part of The Story Geeks Network and the Art of Storytelling YouTube channel! Season 2 is all about great openings. Starting with one of Caleb's recommendations, ALIEN: COVENANT. We'll dig deeper into ALIEN: COVENANT's opening scene to determine what makes this a great movie opening.

What do YOU love about ALIEN: COVENANT's opening scene? Let us know in the comments down below! And watch the movie before you watch our listen to our show!

Watch ALIEN: COVENANT's opening scene here:

Special thanks to the sponsor of today's show, DOR VAHDOR! Learn more about DOR VAHDOR at See below for a longer description!

More great movie openings are coming for the following films:

  • ALIEN: COVENANT - July 5th (YouTube)/July 12th (The Story Geeks Podcast)
  • ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST - July 19th (YouTube)/July 26th (The Story Geeks Podcast)
  • UP - Aug 2nd (YouTube)/Aug 9th (The Story Geeks Podcast)
  • INGLORIOUS BASTERDS - Aug 16th (YouTube)/Aug 23rd (The Story Geeks Podcast)
  • THE MATRIX - Aug 30th (YouTube)/Sep 6th (The Story Geeks Podcast)
  • WATCHMEN - Sep 13th (YouTube)/Sep 20th (The Story Geeks Podcast)
  • MOULIN ROUGE - Sep 27th (YouTube)/Oct 4th (The Story Geeks Podcast)


  • What makes ALIEN: COVENANT's opening scene compelling? What can we learn from the screenwriters in terms of this approach to storytelling and writing?
  • Does this scene make sense if you haven't seen the previous films? As a storyteller/writer, how much should we be thinking about that?
  • What's the deeper philosophical question this scene asks? Why should we care about that from a storytelling or writing standpoint?
  • How does this opening scene set up the rest of ALIEN: COVENANT as a story?
  • What are the key storytelling elements that matter to the audience in this opening scene?
  • What are the key storytelling/writing elements that matter to the storytellers in this scene?



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