The Story Geeks with Jay Sherer

ENDGAME v. EP. IX - The most anticipated movie of 2019 fight! - MCU v. Star Wars

January 22, 2019

Are you more excited for AVENGERS: ENDGAME or STAR WARS: EPISODE IX? On this episode, Justin and Jay make their cases for why we should be more excited for AVENGERS: ENDGAME or STAR WARS: EPISODE IX.

  • Jay chooses STAR WARS: EPISODE IX...
  • Justin chooses AVENGERS: ENDGAME...

Another classic battle between two giant Disney IPs... Marvel vs. Star Wars!!!

Daryl awards the points... but did he get it right? Make YOUR voice heard by voting in The Story Geeks Facebook Group poll!


THE AFTERCAST: Which movie are we REALLY more excited for? More opinions from The Story Geeks on The Story Geeks Aftercast!





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