The Story Geeks with Jay Sherer

EVENT HORIZON w/ Chris Hewitt from The Empire Podcast - Let’s Dig Deeper

September 4, 2018

It's nightmare fuel time as Jay and Daryl are joined by Chris Hewitt from the Empire Podcast to dig deeper into EVENT HORIZON! All three of us revisit EVENT HORIZON for the first time in over a decade. Did our opinions change? And how do we think EVENT HORIZON handles "hell"? Listen in to find out! And then, let us know your thoughts by posting in our Facebook Group!

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Also, on the Patreon AFTERCAST, it's a Scary Movie Month retrospective. What'd we like? What'd be hate?  Listen to our thoughts on Patreon! It's available to the public for FREE until 09/11/18! But, if you become a Patreon supporter, you get access anytime you want!





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