Deadpool: The Merc with a… Cute Face? - Reclamation Society Podcast #2

June 21, 2016

Violence. Violence against women. Violence as comedy. Agnosticism. Vanity. Identity. This edition of the Reclamation Society Podcast brings us... Deadpool! The merc with a mouth gets his own superhero movie. But what are Tim Miller and Ryan Reynolds telling us is true? Tim Posada and I dive into the spirituality, human nature, and relationships found in Deadpool. Want to join our conversation? Share your thoughts on Deadpool on our blog:

Superman: Man of Steel. Is Zach Snyder Telling the Truth? - Reclamation Society Podcast #1

June 3, 2016

Is Zach Snyder telling the truth? What is true? 

The Reclamation Society Podcast examines modern-day stories in an effort to define truth. What are the storytellers telling us is true about the world? In this episode, George Haraksin (philosopher and deep thinker) and Jay Sherer (executive director of the Reclamation Society) ask:
  1. What does Man of Steel tell us is true about spirituality? Is Superman a "type of Christ" or a "Christ-like" figure?
  2. What does Man of Steel tell us about human beings and their relationships? What does it say about our own quest for identity?
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