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In Honor of Carrie Fisher’s Birthday… Our Leia Organa Podcast!

October 20, 2019

In honor of Carrie Fisher's birthday... here's a special re-release from September 18, 2018 where we dug deeper into Princess/General Leia Organa's story throughout the Skywalker Saga...

General LEIA ORGANA! To The Story Geeks, she'll always be royalty. This week, on The Story Geeks podcast, we dig deeper into LEIA ORGANA's journey from Princess Leia to General Leia. How did Leia change over the years? How did she grow? Is Leia someone we should look up to?

Alexis Torres (from Black Hollywood Live and AfterBuzzTV) joins Daryl and Jay to dig deeper into one of our favorite Star Wars characters: LEIA ORGANA. What do you think of Princess/General LEIA? Share your thoughts in The Story Geeks Facebook Group!

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