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Aftercast: Canto BITES? How to make The Last Jedi better.

November 13, 2019

On today's Aftercast... Daryl and Jay love the Disney Star Wars Sequel Trilogy thus far (THE FORCE AWAKENS and THE LAST JEDI), but if we HAD to find a way to make it better... what would we do? Here are some of the topics from today's Aftercast:

  • Is "bathos" overused inTHE LAST JEDI?
  • Was THE FORCE AWAKENS too derivative or was it paying homage?
  • Why don't we like Canto Bight? And how could we make that better?

Special thanks to Jim and Merrie from The Story Geeks Club for joining us on today's Aftercast as we recorded it LIVE!

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(Note: Specific release dates subject to change...)

  • Week 1: The Last Jedi - Dig Deeper
  • Week 1: Aftercast: Make It Better - The Sequel Trilogy
  • Week 2: The Mandalorian - Episodes 1 & 2 (to listen to ALL our The Mandalorian episodes, subscribe to The Story Geeks Talk Disney Plus)
  • Week 3: The Jedi Religion - Dig Deeper
  • Week 3: Aftercast: The Jedi & The Sith - Dig Deeper
  • Week 4: Nerdfight: Pitch a New Star Wars Trilogy
  • Week 4: Aftercast: Stories we want to see after The Rise of Skywalker
  • Week 5: Character Focus: Anakin Skywalker
  • Week 5: Aftercast: Top 10 Star Wars Characters
  • Week 6: The Women of Star Wars
  • Week 6: Nerdfight Aftercast: Most Powerful Star Wars Character
  • Week 7: Star Wars: Episode IX Reaction
  • Week 7: Aftercast: Character Focus: Emperor Palpatine
  • Week 8: Redemption in Star Wars
  • Week 8: Aftercast: Legends/Extended Universe - Dig Deeper





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